HRS will get you the equipment and materials needed to successfully combat the COVID-19 Virus.

Health Research Systems is a US based company that has been servicing the community for nearly 30 years and has extensive depth of knowledge and experience in providing goods and services to the Government and private sectors

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Health Research Systems is a proudly American company working in the Drug Testing and Medical Equipment sectors. Established in 1991 the company has long history in providing excellence in customer solutions, growing from a single location in West Virginia HRS has grown into a significant enterprise that operates across several states with interest abroad to ensure supply of equipment for their clients.

HRS has a broad range of experience and depth of knowledge in the Drug Testing sector, as a Third Party Administrator, we offer full Substance Abuse Program Administration. As a Government approved provider, we offer office and Mobile collection services across multiple states for Local and State Government bodies, together with large corporate clients.

HRS has a secure pipeline of PPE equipment from factories that it either has ownership in or has contracted supply from, and different to brokers and middle men, HRS controls the entire transaction from end to end so you can purchase with confidence.



MICHAEL & TARI DAYPresident and Founders
ANDREW NGExecutive Board Member
ASHLEY FENNExecutive Board Member


Health Research Systems provide the following products and services:

Contact us with details of required products/services and volume to discuss how can assist you in obtaining the necessary equipment.



West Virginia National Guard purchases 500,000 face masks

Thursday, April 23rd 2020

The West Virginia National Guard received a large shipment of surgical masks Wednesday morning.

The Guard purchased the masks from Health Research Systems, based in West Virginia. The company has ties to the National Guard.

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